Server Rules (English)


Note: This article has been translated on July 29. So may not be up to date.
# Translated by Sierra1333. Thanks to him! – 29 Jul 2012

0. Introduction

This server prohibits “Harassment acts” basically.

Those acts are defined objectively by administration team and third-party users, not by the players concerned. These rules may be changed without any announcement.

To install client MODs, see this page(ja) first.

1. Prohibitions

Level.1 Warning : In case of no improvement or continuation, you’ll be BANNED.

  1. Denying the guideline of construction. Specific rules are following.
      • At the main world and nether world, above and beneath area of personal construction belongs to the building owner. To avoid any troubles, please check and get agreement if your building intrudes other’s territory.
      • If you break this and cause any troubles, you must remove your constructions
      • Constructing above and under the public road is prohibited.
      • Personal railroad more than 300 length is prohibited.
      • Do not leave floating trees.
      • Do not leave 1 block tower and 1 block hole. Please fix it if you create.
      • Branch-mining at the main world is prohibited.
      • You can tame amount 20 mobs at most.
      • Do not leave heavy-loaded redstone circuit (ex.clock, pulser) active.
      • Any kind of experience-value trap tower is PROHIBITED.
  • Abuse of area protect(handling by WorldGuard plugin) Examples are following:
    • Do not lay your protected area upon others territory and building.
    • Do not set protected area in order to interrupt other player’s construction.
    • Do not protect stronghold, portal, and any other public facilities.
    • Do not protect blaze spawner to monopolize.
  • Do not abuse plugin bugs those are already known.
  • Do not attack other players without agreement eachother.
  • Do not spam and speak roughly on in-game chat.
  • Do not use any commands(e.g. Door protect by lockette) for blocks set by other players.
  • Do not ignore request that requires removing extremely heavy-load building.

2. Use of prohibited MODs and hacked client.

 ‘Prohibited MODs’ here means …

  • Affecting player’s movement(Ex:Smart moving)
  • Ore detecting(EX:X-ray)
  • Any kind of Cheat and debug MODs(Ex:TooManyItems,zombe’s modpack)

Also you can’t use any kind of MODs that you can download the world data.



  1. Do NOT destroy others’ building and facilities
  2. Do NOT steal any items from the chests those aren’t defined public or common
  3. Do NOT attack or kill tamed mobs or in-farm mobs.
  4. Do NOT use any cheat mod or tools.
  5. Do NOT use immoral skin.
  6. Do NOT use any bugs that spoils game balance and fairness
  7. Do NOT use prohibited command such as /give, /item.
  8. Do NOT use automatic macro programs.

※Temporally JAIL can be carried out if necessary.
Also, those who break these rules badly may be IP-BANNED from Server HP and dynmap.

Please inform admin team as soon as possible if you find any players doing those prohibition.

2. Remove and Relocation of buildings

Basically, admin team won’t remove or relocate any building constructed by users.
However, any buildings conflicting following rules might be remove or relocate without owners agreement. Also, this action will be carried out if there is no alternative solutions.

  1. The owner hasn’t logged in one month and his/her construction interrupt area development and others’ building.
  2. Building that is interrupting others’ construction.

3. Protect command

This server installs WorldGuard to protect area and Lockette to protect doors and chests.

  • Area protect
You can protect your building and object by WorldGuard plugin.
Any other players except you can’t set/break blocks inside the protected area.
※You can NOT use this command at the “resource” worlds.First, craft the wood-axe.
Then right and left click to define the area where you want to protect diagonally.
The coordinates will be shown purple characters if definition are successfully done.Type /expand vert to expand the protection area from y1 to y256.
Type /region claim [ID_area name] to protect the defined area.Now you protect your building successfully. Please check if you don’t break any rules of area protection above.In addition, you can only 20 areas protect and each area has to be less than 300000 blocks.

  • Additional commands
/region remove [ID_area name] : Remove your protected area.
/region list [Page number]: Show all protected area.
/region list . :Show your protection area.
/region list [UserID]: Show defined player’s protection area.
/region info [ID_area name]: Show protected area information.
/region [add|rem] owner [ID_area name] [UserID]:
Add or remove defined user as the owner of protection area.
/region [add|rem] member [ID_area name] [UserID]:
Add or remove defined user as the member of protection area.
  • Door and chests protect

You can protect your chest, door, furlance, dispenser, hatch by setting sign.
First, craft the “sign” and set in front of the items that you want to protect.
Then type [Private] at 1st line. 2nd line has to be blank.
Now you protect your stuff successfully.
If you want to share with others, add playerID at 3rd and 4th line.
Or type [everyone] at 4th line, then your stuff are shared and protected.

Those are the basic rules of Sakura Server.
If you have any questions, contact with admin team.

Syamn,  tetaemon, Saya0514, Spinel_GuuSierra1333